Social Marketing Services

Beyond Likes or Followers

Social Media is a vehicle for marketers to establish long-term relationships with targeted audiences, build brand awareness, and drive powerful two-way interactions with customers. Successful brands are those that design content for each stage of the customer journey, thus creating a sustainable engine to scale interactions and measure results.

The maturity of social integration into marketing and brand communications creates a new series of challenges for marketers. To deliver better business results, social media requires operational agility, tech savvy, commitment, and time – all in scarce supply for today’s marketers.

The organizing principle of marketing in a world of converged media has become the customer.

Whether you need a full-service solution or an extension of your marketing team, we’ll craft a social strategy and execution program that aligns with and affects the factors that play an important role in the customer decision journey. Our approach, informed by research, data, and analytics, also takes into consideration our clients’ digital strategies across owned, paid, and earned media.

Measured by business goals, PM Digital Social Media Services support our clients’:

  • Strategic Moves – to help clients identify additional areas of opportunity within their current program and/or build the foundation for future programs
  • Proactive Programs – to help clients create a successful baseline in engaging and converting target customer segments
  • Proactive and Reactive Programs – to help clients implement a social media program working alongside internal stakeholders
  • Blogs Launch and Development – to help clients grow their audience by optimizing blog content for social sharing and engaging influencers
  • Social Optimization – to help clients identify additional areas of opportunity within their current program
  • Social Media Listening – to help clients identify specific areas of opportunity based on a business case
  • Reactive Needs – to help clients who are in need of support for social response and escalation

Sample DSM Programs span from basic “Get in the Game” and optimization programs, to more strategic business intelligence and product / service roadmap support. Highlights include:

  • Social Platform Development: DSM will establish brand profiles for the client on social networks as appropriate, including profile creative, core content, and consulting through launch.
  • Social Promotion Strategy and Community Management: Brands want to spend wisely, tie their marketing activities to business results, and be effective at sharing success stories. We work with our clients’ brand marketers to develop Social Promotion Strategies specifically focused on engaging and converting a target client demographic to a lead or sale.
  • Influencer Analysis and Engagement: To identify the most influential bloggers, microbloggers and other thought leaders within the brand(s) area of interest, map recommended engagement strategies and help support outreach.
  • Content Assessment, Planning and Calendarization: “Content” can include anything from product information and traditional PR to infographics and brand-relevant social commentary. We help fill this gap through content developed for use in blogs and social networks, to include a combination of copy, visuals, and interactive marketing tools like video, contests, or image campaigns that map to audience needs and expressions.
  • Customer Support in Social: Many businesses pride themselves on their “traditional” customer service channel but are unsure of how to convert that proficiency into social media customer support. Similarly, many companies have great content, but are unsure of how to effectively communicate through the social web. Through on-site training, enterprise tools, and/or developing social guidelines, we help brands effectively address customer service issues and opportunities.
  • Social Business Intelligence: To help brands track and monitor useful trends to inform competitive intelligence, market research, product innovation and lifecycle management, new opportunity tracking, and collaborative applications.
  • Cross-Departmental Team Training: Many brands already have personnel in place that, if properly trained, would be an important part of a social squad to help amplify and extend brand reach in social networks via brand ambassadors/employees. We provide best practices documentation and phone-based consulting to help align the brand’s content marketing strategies and participation in social.

  • Reporting and Analysis: DSM’s experienced practitioners measure, analyze, and report using a robust set of Social Media Reporting and Analysis tools.

We address governance, workflows, and tool selection, as appropriate, making recommendations based upon insights on trends, social networks evolution, and industry benchmarks.<\p>

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