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Tracking and reporting your online marketing campaign is important to its overall success. At PM Digital, we track your campaign with our own advanced-tracking system and your web analytics’ platform so no opportunities are missed to drive your bottom line.

Proprietary, Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting 
Our custom-tracking system captures the data necessary for the optimal function of your campaign, providing both front-end and back-end details down to the keyword level.

Our web analytics:

  • automatically feed our bid-management system with latest performance details
  • allow us to perform customized ad-hoc analyses
  • analyze patterns in shoppers’ clickstreams
  • evaluate and set unique cookie lengths by groups of products/terms

DSM also supports campaign tracking through your own web analytics platform, which can provide valuable insight into onsite behavior. Visibility to a client’s web analytics data can help further optimize campaigns, providing expansion opportunities and insight into consumer interest and informing you of new keywords or strategy shifts.

In addition to combining the power or our proprietary analytics platform with your existing platforms, DSM provides the following services

Custom Excel-Based Report Development
Creating customized dashboard and reporting templates to automate the creation of standard reports.

Mobile App Tracking
Developing custom SiteCatalyst solution designs for iPhone apps.

Ad-Hoc Analyses and Data Pulls 
Performing in-depth, detailed analyses around broad business questions and assisting in performing custom data pulls centered around specific analysis needs.

Analytics Troubleshooting and General Support 
Helping clients utilize their reporting tools, including guidance on which reports to run to examine specific trends, help troubleshooting link-tagging problems, and suggesting tagging enhancements to track additional data.

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