Web designing the future

Design Social Media, LLC is a full service web design and creative agency. We deliver innovative creative solutions including website design, landing page design, banner design, print design and rich media content.

Design Social Media, LLC offers complete web design services including Flash websites, HTML websites, landing page development, micro-sites and more.  We have created successful websites, for many different types of businesses.  We have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality

Creative that Connects Emotionally with Viewers

Design Social Media, LLC creates beautiful, conversion-friendly websites, drives targeted website traffic and sales, and creates compelling online experiences.  We produce stellar interactive designs that clearly communicate our client’s messages and drive users to act through sales, website sign ups and more.  Our website designs and interactive ads connect with viewers and inspire them to take action.

Our innovative programs encompass the following methodology:

* Integrate your overall marketing communications program with your new website
* Make your site easy and enjoyable to use
* Ensure your site delivers maximum value
* Maximize your site’s ability to convert visitors into customers
* Continual website review to track site results

Web Advertising 

Design Social Media, LLC offers comprehensive display advertising and banner advertising solutions, including rich media, interstitials, page overlays, Flash banners, Gif/JPEG banners, landing pages and more.  In addition, we offer full media planning and buying services as well as ad serving and tracking.